Our King

Blue lynx

Our beloved CFA registered king is Gaetan whose bloodline sports Championship status for all his grandparents. He is purebred Siberian/Neva Masquerade and came to us directly from Russian.  Neva Masquerade is a subset of the Siberian breed. The main difference is the color: Neva’s are white or cream with colored points and striking blue eyes.  The breed is quite large with the weight of a fully grown adult male cat being 16-18 lb. 

Neva Masquerade Siberians are very gentle, get along well with children, protecting them and taking care of them. They never release their claws. If children are being too aggressive, the cat will retreat to a place where it cannot be reached. If the baby is crying, the cat is sure to be there and will try to comfort him.  These cats will sometimes run to call an adult to attend to a crying child. 

Neva Masquerade Siberians can be friends not only with people, but also with other animals. They have been known to make friends with dogs. The male and female rear their kittens together as a family. We have personally seen this with our Gaetan. He is gentle with the kittens and will even help groom them. At photo shoots for the kittens Gaetan has to be onstage being just as playful as his kids.

Our Queens

Berry is our CFA registered purebred Siberian Blue Lynx Point queen, whose fur feels like that of a chinchilla. She has been described as “bi-metallic”–her points are silvery and her body appears tipped in gold. Her eyes are the classic blue but her pupils are very, very large until she’s in very bright light. Her disposition is calm and quiet and she’s an excellent mother for us here at Legrand Siberians. 


Our Siberian Traditional Torbie, Huram, also came to us from Russia. Her pedigree is littered with Champion, Grand Champion and Grand International Champion in her lineage. She is favored among women here at Legrand Siberians. She is so laid-back, calm, accepting of new arrivals. She even seemed to prefer the company of our dog. When she and Berry had litters at the same time, Huram helped clean Berry’s new arrivals. The kittens of the two litters trafficked between the two moms, locating the buffet of choice at the time. Huram is registered with both TICA and CFA.


Award winning Helena comes to us from St. Petersburg. A Seal Linx Point, with bright white fur, striking blue eyes and a big, fluffy, dark tail, Helena is a large, sturdy size all of which are classic Siberian features–a show quality cat. She is a CFA registered purebred Siberian. Both her parents are World Champions with Europe’s WCF–World Cat Federation