Hypoallergenic Siberian Forest Cats

New litters expected May 1 and August 1. Contact us to be added to the waiting list for future purchase. No deposit required until kittens are born.

Siberian kittens

Reservations are being accepted for an upcoming litter of Color Points in March 2022. Prices range from $2000 to $2400 for our CFA registered purebred Siberian kittens. The reservation fee is $500 and will be credited toward the total purchase price.

Please note:  HYPOALLERGENIC does NOT mean allergen free.  Most people who exhibit allergies to other cats, have little or no reaction to the Siberian. Siberians are loyal, and friendly and make great companions. Their personalities are often referred to as dog-like and do in fact exhibit protective qualities. Siberians are not an extremely vocal breed, they express themselves with a soft chirping. The breed began it’s journey to America 11 short years ago. Since then Siberians have purred their way into the hearts of North American cat lovers in record time. These cat comrades are known for their size, luxurious fur. and almost dog-like devotion. They have achieved recognition in seven of the ten North American cat associations since their arrival in 1990. This alone is an amazing feat and an indication of the Siberian’s appeal.

Legrand Siberians Cattery is dedicated to raising quality Siberian kittens with loving personalities. It is our goal to breed Siberian cats for temperament as well as beauty and health. Our Siberian kittens are raised in a loving environment with constant human contact. The American Veterinary Medical Association reports the key socialization period occurs between 3 to 9 weeks of age. That’s exactly when your kitten is handled, groomed, and introduced to normal household sounds including the vacuum! You’ll be set for a lifetime of kitten cuddles, kitten entertainment and wonderful memories with your new pet!

Three highly reputable catteries we are in association with and can recommend:

Sharyland Pets in Texas ( https://www.sharylandpets.com/ ) 

Morningstar Siberians in Texas ( http://www.morningstarsiberians.com/ )

Prairie Siberian Cats in South Dakota (https://www.prairiesiberiancats.com/ )


What our customers say

Our kitten is everything we'd read about Siberians--quiet, affectionate, wants to be right where we are.....the perfect fit for our family.
Sharon C.
Accommodating - that's LeGrand Cattery in one word -we couldn't say enough good things about our experience dealing with Mary.
nICole b.
Mary was so helpful in the process of selecting our kitten, she's awesome at communication.
Becky o.
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